Tip of the day! Angel wish to share you about 4D Lottery|en

Tip of the day! Angel wish to share you about 4D Lottery
[ 26-05-2017 ]
Tip of the day! Angel wish to share you about 4D Lottery

Tips to win 4D lottery

Singapore 4D tips

Singapore 4D lottery now becomes very popular when lottery agents including online gambling and shops based appear everywhere around the country. You surely know that lottery results are drawn randomly, but there are many people win Lottery 4D Singapore is because of lucks and also mathematical manipulation.

Are you looking for how to win 4D lucky number or 4D Prediction? Many people keep in mind that winning lottery depends on luck more than skill. To win a 4D numbers and prize is not easy if just based on guessing and some gambling luck. If based on math, solid systems, manipulation, statistics, analyses and hardworking study past results are easier to win 4d number. Good luck to you!


1. Review and analyze the 4d winning number history results and use the same lottery system used by past winners. You may also make some guessing by looking at the interval winning times. If the smaller gap of the number is the better.
2. Use special numbers in your special days likes wedding day, birthdate, accidents in life such as the day of the accident, year of the accident, license plates and more.
3. History most probably will repeat itself, so you can buy your lucky numbers at your favorite outlets when you see the repeating pattern.
4. Hit more winning chances by buying the numbers using BOX/BAU methods. BOX/BAU are the few terms that indicate the permutation of the numbers. For example, 4321, when your BOX/BAU you'll get 1324, 1342, 3142 and so on. which is a total of 24 numbers.Of cause, you have to pay more for a betting amount.
5. You have to buy with own confident, if you lose, doesn’t matter, try again next lottery day. Life is short, have fun and Good luck to you!

There are still many tips of winning lottery numbers that’s you may not know. So, follow us to get more tips and you will get the tips of winning Singapore 4D Lottery is so easy.