About one of our payment gateway we accepted - Help2Pay|en

About one of our payment gateway we accepted - Help2Pay
[ 16-06-2017 ]
About one of our payment gateway we accepted - Help2Pay

For the security and convenience of our customers, provide any way for you make your deposit for online gaming at our site. You may choose any type of transferring money to your wallet as per your preference. Online banking transfer, Cash ATM transfer or payment gateway like Paytrust & Help2Pay. It's simple and secure way to top up your account wallet balance.


Why we choose Help2Pay as one of our payment gateways?

HELP2PAY In today’s society, people around the world are trading a large sum of money online. To cater this huge market, payment gateway was invented to ease this payment process. Acting as a bridge to make sure the payment from consumers to merchants are fast and secure. This gives online shoppers a new experience.


Gone are your worries about taking a long time to process with HELP2PAY. With just a few clicks, no paper needed, money has been processed. This system that is much more reliable and efficient is gaining your ease of pleasure of transaction.


Worry about fraud cases? HELP2PAY provides unfailing risk management which detects and divert fraud schemes. Their support team also provides information and tools specifically to reduce the risk at the industry level through advanced trending and analytic reporting tools used to review and monitor details transaction details. We would keep monitoring the system and feedback from customers and promise to provide you a secure and responsive network of people handling your money. No compromise will be taken into consideration because GDSingapore customer ARE OUR PRIORITY. Do send us feedback if you have any suggestion. Thank you and apply gaming with us.