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Today expose some thought you might not aware of
[ 19-06-2017 ]
Today expose some thought you might not aware of

Why I'm keep losing even I have study hard on the game play. I should able to bring back my winning!


Below is some misconception that common gamblers attitude, you may be the one! So stay clear, read on...

When losing a lot, but still do not admit defeat. Lost willingly, he always wants to win back, thinking that he can win back in second. Because of losing in short period, and so emotional keep thinking, lead to losing of self-control, did not aware the body tiredness, therefore, became do not admit defeat, not realized the situation. This is a common gambler's problem, in most of the time barely can win to go, but do not lose has been a loss on the lost, in a very short time lost too much. -Every bet is not possible to win, the admit defeat must throw in the towel, come back next time, do not stay loosing at a time forced to win the results but still lose.

Misappropriation of gambling- Some people have a lot of betting methods and are often free to plan. For example, on the roulette, all of a sudden charge color, all of a sudden charge a single, all of a sudden a single number, all of a sudden six figures, in exchange for the results of dizzy, I do not know north and south. Mind chaos must lose money, compulsive gambling can be entertainment, can not win, no plan is not unique and durable. Some people have a goal, and the goal is very large, how much each game to win. They just thought of win, no idea he has how much to lose from their pocket. This goal is easy to make people lose, the result was forced to throw in the towel. But every bureau wants to achieve what the profit target is unrealistic because the win is affected by many factors, not just your subjective will. Your mind is very vital.

I'm the king, some people thinking that he/she can overcome the casino advantage, a casino has teams of professional, doing a statistic on every second, real-time report. Face it! casino advantage is a fact, it can not be overcome, that's their advantage. Take the roulette as an example: the advantage of 0 or 00 on the roulette does not actually matter, its existence will only make you less win a little bit, why? Because it only works when you win. Assuming that the roulette is only one 0, betting a number when you win, get odds of 35 units, and if there is no casino advantage, then you should get 36 units, the casino advantage is here, it gives you a unit, can you imagine? That is, you win a little bit less! And when you do not lose, anyway, is a lost, whether there is zero has nothing to do. So the casino advantage and the loss of money does not have a real relationship, casino advantage can not be overcome, the wheel on the 0 or 00 is a small advantage of the casino, but the real advantage of the casino. Lose money is not a small advantage, but another reason.

However, if you can avoid the three taboo gambling, long-term win in the hope! No matter what the role, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps or any other form of gambling, no bet, what odds are, Gambling or even any other form of gambling is a step by step to teach you how to gamble, anyone can immediately apply Get started with gambling now!