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Baccarat Tournament Strategies
[ 06-07-2017 ]
Baccarat Tournament Strategies

Baccarat Tournament Strategies

Baccarat is the king of casino games in Macau and across Asia, but the ultimate in big scores and bragging rights&nbsp come from winning a major baccarat tournament. It can be a life-changing experience as the first prize of a big tournament can be millions of dollars.

When you play normal baccarat in a casino, you’re trying to pick whether banker or player will come up, and bet accordingly. You’re trying to win cold hard cash. The ironic thing about winning a baccarat tournament is that you don’t necessarily have to win chips and increase your stack; you just have to do better than the other players – by winning more (or losing less) than your opponents.

Winning a baccarat tournament is all about money management. You need to know how much you’ve got, how much they’ve got, and make bets that give you the biggest chance of finishing up with more chips than the other players. You actually don’t care whether you have a lot of chips or hardly any chips; the key thing here is the difference between your stack and their stacks.

The optimal strategy for most casino gambling tournaments can be summarized as:

  • Conserve your capital in the early stages of the tournament.
  • Towards the end bet as aggressively as possible to get in the lead.
  • If you get in the lead, copy the betting decisions of your nearest challengers to lock in a win.

That's most of what you need to have a substantive edge in a baccarat tourney , it doesn't matter that you've never played before. May require you make decisions that would normally violate intelligent casino play. For example, if on the last hand the only way you can win is to bet the tie with its 14% house edge, then do so. Don't overdo this, though. Normally you'd be betting on the bank.