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Sic Bo Tips - Betting Strategy by Master Tong
[ 09-10-2017 ]
Sic Bo Tips - Betting Strategy by Master Tong

Also known as hi-lo, “precious dice” or Dai Siu, Sic Bo is a popular gambling game that takes its origins back in the Ancient Chinese culture and is played with three dice.

Even though it is largely based on luck, just like any other game at the casino, an appropriate strategy can have a huge effect on the outcome of the game. With these 5, the luck will surely be on your side!

Think from the beginning, before even getting to the playing strategy, you should carefully choose where to play. Right table is one of the greatest steps to winning in Sic Bo. The value of the table is determined by the odds that are offered on 4’s and 17’s totals. Have a look at the table layout and the rates. The best House edge you will find is probably 8.33% or 65-to-1, but usually, the average is 60-to-1, that is 15.28% House edge.

Get the most casino promotion The competition on the gambling market is quite great these days and as a result, everyone offers various bonuses and promos to grab the attention of gamblers. Do not miss out on them!


Always ask at the Customer's Service desk for information on bonus cash, free chips or casino services. Have much time you got One of the primary Sic Bo strategy tips is to stay a little longer at the table as playing long-term and betting at the lowest house edge usually is rather profitable. Even though there is less chance of doubling your bank in short time overall your chances at winning will increase. Too much of anything is never good Despite the fact that playing longer will increase your chances, you should still know when to quit.

Odds are always tilted to the favor of House in Sic Bo and as a result of the longer you play the higher the risk becomes. In order to have control over your game, you can consider setting number for spins or time limit. You should stick to your Sic Bo strategy no matter what the outcome is.

Don’t give up If you feel like first few spins did no go the way you expected, do not blame everything on luck right away. Be patient and wait for your moment, as the wise men say: good things come to those who wait, yet you need to chase opportunity as it will certainly not chase you.