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Slot Machine Strategy at Online Slot Casino
[ 16-10-2017 ]
Slot Machine Strategy at Online Slot Casino

Now a day, there are plenty of slot games for the players to experience. Either at the real casino or online casino. Be it at Genting Resort,  Marina Bay Sands Casino, or Resort World Sentosa Casino. For online slots like SCR888, Leocity88, Crown855 or ACE333. There are many strategies for you to increase your chance of getting Jackpot!

Today we compiled some strategies, If you go to the real casino or online slots casino to play, you can use the following three slot machine skills. 


  1. Standard deviation method. The use of this slot machine skills requires the player to have great patience. First of all, you have to find a proportion of the distribution of bonus machines (such as you bet 8 dollars, can get 80 coins), and then have been playing to you win, and then play to the second win. Count the number of times you play in the middle of this time, about ten times down, you know each time you win about how many times you need to play. Now you can find a high rate of return machine to start playing!


  1. After you learn the standard deviation method, you can also play: Suppose you estimate to win a money, you need to play six times, then when you have won a time, may wish to bet the minimum amount to play five or six times; If you have played five or six times, then the next one you can rest assured that boldly betting.


  1. Play a high rate of return machine. The return rate of a machine is usually marked on the machine. The higher the rate of return, the more benefits you will be because the more likely you are to win the prize.


  1. If a player has been playing the same machine but not winning, then wait for him/her away, you can play this machine. From a statistical point of view, then you should not far away from the Grand Prize!

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Online slot machine skills Online casinos and real casinos or different. Here are some basic tips and strategies that apply to the web.

  1. Take advantage of free opportunities. Many online casinos offer free chances or bonuses to attract more players.

  1. Set the principal limit. Do not spend more than expected money. Once this limit is reached.

  1. Tournament Award relatively small machine. Generally, the first prize is a relatively small machine, but the winning percentage is relatively high, you will have a greater chance of winning.

  1. Do not play video game slot machines. Although the video game machine looks new and gorgeous, it as a new type, the rate of return is lower than the average traditional machine about 5%. Big-kahuna-snakes-and-ladders-free-spin-start Well, now you have mastered some basic slot machine skills and strategies, and you have to do is practice and practice!