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Introducing to The Hulk Slot Game
[ 04-07-2018 ]
Introducing to The Hulk Slot Game

Introducing to The Hulk Slot Game

You will be very enjoying when you are playing with The Incredible Hulk Slot Game in Singapore Online Slot that you could find the game in the popular slot game list in the website of GDSINGAPORE

The Incredible Hulk Slot Game in Singapore Online Slot have 5 reels with 50 pay lines. The special of this game is about its maximum bet, which is very high that makes you to have more chances to win the large value of pay line. Also, this slot game is linked to the jackpot for the marvel slot which mean you could triggered the jackpot in superb way. The jackpot is called Marvel Mystery and it’s the multi-level jackpot. So, you will stand a chance to trigger it once your spins had started. In the game, you will also be awarded with Wilds, Scatters and a special bonus called as Smash Bonus. The Wilds and Scatters symbols are all based on the theme of the comic.

The Hulk Scatter will unlock the exciting game for you by giving you the 3 spins.

Once you get 3 symbols appear in the reels simultaneously, the free spins you will get is range from 10 to 100 randomly and the multiplier will be 3 times than normal. The most interesting thing you will see in this game is the Smash Symbol because this is not available in another slot game. Once you get the symbols on the reels, you can start to smash the cars and helicopter. Then you will just wait to unlock the cash prize or more multiplier.

This game is applied with 3D graphics, also with the sound effects that will make you more desperate to play it.

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